Having spent my childhood in Saigon, I was immersed in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Our meat was chopped by the local butcher, our baguettes were baked daily and delivered by bicycle and our pho was prepped from scratch each morning. With no refrigeration, it had to be fresh and it had to be fast. This guides everything we do at SA PA.

The pho broth simmers over night and our proteins are marinated and braised nightly. The pickling elements are brined for the perfect balance of tangy, spicy and sweet. Each dish is a thoughtful layering of flavors, creating delicious versions of classic Vietnamese dishes.

Traditionally, Vietnamese food relies on locally sourced, fresh ingredients. We continue that tradition by using local purveyors from across New England, such as Chau’s Vietnamese Bakery in Dorchester, MA. Using quality, fresh ingredients makes Vietnamese food naturally healthy and delicious.

Because of it’s location and history, Vietnam’s cuisine absorbs the influence and flavor of many places: China, Thailand, India, France. This is what makes Vietnamese food so unique – it’s a sponge of all of these amazing flavors and ingredients, but remains very cultural.

Thinking of everyone and anyone who might walk through SA PA’s doors, Chef Dana Love and I created a menu with something for everyone: meat lovers, vegetarians, gluten frees, carb addicts, people who love Vietnamese food and the unacquainted.

Here are some of the unique flavors and attributes you can expect at SA PA:

  • Star anise
  • Unami
  • Fish Sauce
  • Fresh Herbs like Mint & Cilantro
  • Pickled Carrots & Daikon
  • Vegetarian options
  • Gluten Free (naturally, without trying!)

From the scratch pho broth to my mother’s home made egg rolls, everything is made fresh, in-house from real ingredients. This is not your typical Chinatown fare.

From my roots to your table,

Ky Nguyen